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Courtesy of: The New York Times
Trump attacks Planned Parenthood
Sara-James Ranta, Editor-In-Chief • October 21, 2020

In recent days, President Trump announced that he promises to “defund Planned Parenthood” if re-elected. As the decision is currently beyond...

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Helping the community during hard times
Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter • November 5, 2020

The Charity Club is a new club at WSHS aiming to help the community during hard times. This club aims to collect money and find creative ways to help donate money or goods to different organizations and charities in Florida.  The...

Photo courtesy of: Breana Krausman
A New Year with the Hunny Bears
Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter • October 11, 2020
Courtesy of: Best Buddies Online
WSHS promotes inclusion
Olivia Song, PR Manager/Head Reporter • October 8, 2020
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