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Ell Samara

Ell Samara, Staff Reporter

Ell Samara is a sophomore at Winter Springs High School. Her passions include creative writing, taking photos on her camera, and watching movies. Some of her favorite movies are Coraline, Diehard, Twilight, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls. Samara’s favorite subject at school is English or art. In a perfect world, she would be a writer and live in Vermont since it’s cold, but more realistically she wants to try a career in journalism. This school year, Samara is most excited about football games and other fun school gatherings since she is used to being homeschooled. She is least excited about the stress that comes with school. Samara has three dogs at home; her favorite store is Hot Topic, and her favorite band is Deftones. 

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Ell Samara