The Cyrano movie: what’s it about?


Courtesy of film school rejects

Ell Samara, Graphic designer

On February 25, the movie-musical Cyrano came out after lots of media attention. Cyrano is based on the 1890s play called Cyrano de Bergerac. The play was also based on the real Cyrano, who was a French novelist in the 1600s. However, the stories told are fictitious tales about his life. 

In the original story, Cyrano is a soldier in the French army who has a love for poetry, among other things, as well as a talent for dueling. Sadly, Cyrano believes because he has an abnormally and comically large nose, he would never be able to get the attention of the woman he is in love with, the beautiful Roxanne.

In the movie, set in the eighteenth century, Cyrano does not have a big nose, instead, he has the condition dwarfism. Dwarfism is a genetic or medical condition that causes one to grow to roughly four feet tall. 

There are two categories when it comes to dwarfism: disproportionate and proportionate. Disproportionate dwarfism entails what the name states, the person’s limbs may be the wrong size for their body or the size of regular body parts. Which would not fit their stature. Proportionate dwarfism is different, the person’s limbs will be the size of how their body parts should be, small, which fits their frame. 

Cyrano thinks that because his stature is that of someone smaller, Roxanne could never love him. Roxanne and Cyrano were also life-long friends, which played a role in how intense his feelings were. However, his heart seemed to break when Roxanne began to fall for Christian, a young recruit from Cyrano’s regiment. Christian, always in awe of her presence, begs Cyrano to write Roxanne poetic love letters to tell her how he feels, without truly saying it. 

Peter Dinklage, the actor who played Cyrano, is praised by many for bringing the character to life with his performance. He was able to capture the many aspects of Cyrano’s character while playing him in a very meaningful way.

The movie itself received raving reviews upon its release. Some reviews stated how the music, visuals, acting, and writing were incredible. CNN’s Marianna Cerini commended the Cyrano movie on their costumes, they stated, “Joe [Wright] wanted the costumes to be defining elements of the story,” Joe Wright was the director of Cyrano and he employed Cantini Parrini, an Italian fashion designer who worked very hard to create costumes that emulate the characters social status and personalities.

Overall, the movie was a big success and viewers suspect Cyrano will be nominated for the upcoming Oscar awards. While many Oscar-nominated actors get snubbed in favor of more popular films, hopefully, Dinklage and the cast of Cyrano will get the recognition this film deserves.