Tin Loomis Spotlight


Photo By Ell Samara

Ell Samara, Staff Reporter

Tin Loomis is a Junior who enjoys drawing and making various different creative things. They said, “I make jewelry … I have pliers in my pockets right now!” In the future, Loomis wants to open a jewelry store where they can sell their artwork and earrings. Their favorite subject would be art with Ms. Athos. They stated, “That class allows me to express my creative personality.” Loomis’ least favorite subject is anatomy and physiology, because of all the diagrams. Their favorite video game franchise is Legend of Zelda, but the game that’s their favorite would be Twilight Princess. Loomis said they enjoy a lot of music but their favorite music artist right now is Everyone’s Worried About Owen. Loomis lastly stated that one thing they would change at WSHS would be the inclusive environment towards the trans community.