What’s in store for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights?


Courtesy of www.history.com

Ell Samara, Staff Reporter

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event that happens at every Universal location, during nightfall. This year they unveiled their new line of haunted houses, live shows, and scare zones. This year especially, everything will be ramped up to the extreme, seeing as it’s the thirty year anniversary.

The Horror Night festivities include the town of Carey, Ohio. Many original haunts and scare zones are staged in this town. Also known as Willamette Valley, this town is supposedly hexed with ghosts that roam the streets. 

The next haunt spot is the infamous Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth, which follows the footsteps of a detective and their search for the paranormal. Along with that there’s The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin, Revenge of the Tooth Fairy, and Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience. 

There are going to be five scare zones, including: Crypt TV, 30 Years 30 Fears, Seek and Destroy, Gorewood Forest, Lights Camera Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge. 

As well as two live shows. These live shows will consist of Carnage Factory and Halloween Nightmare Fuel. Carnage Factory is a nighttime lagoon that will showcase some of the famous names in horror Halloween Horror Nights has instore. Halloween Nightmare Fuel is a show that features creatures, fire performers, and aerialists set to the sound of heavy metal and rock. 

Along with that there will be ten haunted houses. Originally called Fright Nights and with a debut in 1991, this Beetlejuice themed haunted house will include tasteful reimaginings of scenes from the movie in real life. The famous attic as well as the model graveyard will be included in this exciting haunted house. 

Another haunted house that will be featured will be Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed. This special house is inspired by the 1974 hit movie and takes it on in the form of a maze. Scenes from the movie will also be present as people walk through this fun haunt.

Halloween Horror nights has become a pinnacle for Halloween and hopefully this year they will knock it out of the water as they always do.