Deadly shooting in St. Paul leaves one dead + fourteen injured

Courtesy of New York Times

Courtesy of New York Times

Ell Samara, Staff reporter

On Sunday, October 10, a bar in St. Paul suffered a chaotic shooting which left one dead and 14 injured. The scene was called “hellish” by Minnesota police spokesman Steve Linders. 

Just after midnight, gunshots erupted in the air at the Seventh Street Truck Park bar. Police reported that several people were frantically calling just moments after the attack for help. People state they saw victims lying on the sidewalk, injured. The 14 injured were rushed to the local hospital and are expected to survive. In this fourteen include the three men arrested for possible ties to this shooting. 

“They’re in custody and in the hospital,” St. Paul police reported Sunday on the three suspects, “being treated for injuries suffered during the incident. Once they’re discharged, all three will be booked into the Ramsey Jail and await a charging decision.”

WCCO, or CBS Minnesota, learned that at the moment of the shooting one of the suspects had a warrant out for his arrest. In May, he had previously failed to show up for his sentence hearing. Two of the three men are convicted felons with a lengthy criminal record. Since the men have not been charged their names have not been released. The case is still open and active, said police, so more arrests may come in the future. Police suspect more individuals were involved, but that’s not known for sure. 

The forensic team collected the shell casings left at the complex scene. These documented where the bullets hit the walls and objects. This scene, in its whole complexity, required many homicide investigators from the St. Paul Police Department.

One witness of the scene stated that it was gunshots galore. 

“It was just gunshots … As you look around, everyone’s on the ground like, ‘I’m hit! I’m hit!’”  Demarco Percy, a witness, said, “There’s a couple people who were hit. You’re kind of checking yourself making sure you’re okay.”

Another witness, Jack Larson, said it all escalated within about thirty seconds. He even recalled that he left the bar that night with blood on his clothes that wasn’t even his.