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Keira Ordonez

Keira Ordonez, Staff Reporter

Keira Ordonez is an incoming freshman at Winter Springs High School this is also her first year on the newspaper staff. Ordonez decided to join the newspaper staff for she is a big fan of writing but, she is not the best at it and hopes to grow as a writer as well as gain experience being on the staff. Ordonez was born in New Hampshire but moved to Florida in 6th grade with her parents. She loves to go visit her friends and brother in Boston whenever she has the chance to, which is not often. Ordonez is in love with traveling, her favorite places that she has been so far are Honduras and Puerto Rico, she is looking forward to her next trip to Spain and Colombia this year to see family and explore. When Ordonez is not traveling or at school you could most of the time find her in her room with her dog Louie and kitten Denver watching movies and shows as she likes to call herself a movie expert, you will also find her going on mini adventures with her friends, baking, and playing music as she has been playing the flute for 6 years as well as the bass for 2 and she recently picked up the violin.

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Keira Ordonez