Olivia Rodrigo Debut Song Driver’s License Breaks Records

Keira Ordonez, staff reporter

Drivers License by Oliva Rodrigo has been a global success, breaking the record for the most streamed song in a day globally and has hit number one on various music charts such as Spotify and Apple Music. This song was released on January 8 and was Olivia Rodrigo’s  debut song as a solo artist as she has previously been known for acting in various Disney shows such as Disney Plus’s High School Musical the Musical the Series.


The song has been rumored to be about her past relationship with Joshua Bassett who was her co star on High School Musical the Musical the Series. Many fans of the show have been speculating about the drama around Joshua and Olivas falling out The rumors have been about Joshua being with Olivia but cheating on her with Sabrina Carpenter, and this has led to the rest of the cast from the show growing to dislike him as it has been shown via social media that the cast members have commented and reposted posts regarding Olivia’s new song while none of them have commented or liked Joshua’s posts about his new songs.


Another reason why many believe the song  is that Oliva’s lyrics are very specific and targeted towards the situation as she says, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl” and “She’s so much older than me.” Sabrina Carpenter is much older than Olivia Rodrigo, and she is also blonde, so many have put the lyrics and Sabrina’s description together to show that the song is about the situation.


This song has also been a hit on the app TikTok as well, as many have been able to relate to the song or the song has touched them emotionally. Many trends have arisen with the song such as people making videos connecting the lyrics to the rumors, and many have filmed videos covering the song or rewriting the lyrics from different perspectives. The song has been a huge success overall and many hope for her debut album to be just as good.