Jojo Siwa Comes Out Via TikTok


Keira Ordonez, Staff Reporter

Jojo Siwa is widely known for being the bedazzled  kids singer and dancer as well as having a   huge company with herself being the brand that sells Jojo Siwa dolls, clothing  backpacks, toiletries and of course her signature Jojo Siwa Bow. Jojo has a huge fan base mainly consisting of younger fans and she has had various sold out concert tours and products.


Jojo recently has posted a TikTok with a girl named Kylie and many have speculated the two of them are together. Later in mid January she posted a TikTok with the famous queer house in L.A singing the lyrics “baby now you’re one of us.” She also posted a TikTok singing along to the lyrics of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. This was her way of coming out and her fans and many other celebrities understood this right away and sent their many congratulations and support.


Jojo Siwa being a big role model to kids and coming out is huge. As she will be able to show kids that being queer is okay and they shouldn’t feel bad. This could help younger closeted audience to come out and feel safer now that one of their role models is queer herself. It has been seen before how having a queer role model as a child is very impactful as it can help them feel better with themselves and also help end homophobia and stereotypes by showing kids being part of the LGBTQ+ community is okay.


Jojo has recently posted various social media posts and even went on the late night show to talk about her girlfriend.They started dating early January and just hit their one month anniversary and Jojo Siwa has stated how her girlfriend makes her the happiest she has ever been. All of her fans and other influencers are loving and supporting Jojo and Kylie and sending them all the happy wishes they can.