Netflix New Historical Drama Bridgerton

Keira Ordonez, Staff Reporter

Released on December 25 2020, Bridgerton is Netflix’s new eight episode historical drama set in the Regency Period and is based on the eight novel series by Juila Quinn. Bridgerton is following the story of the Bridgerton family who is known for having beautiful sons and daughters. The story specifically follows Daphne Bridgerton, who has entered society and hopes to find a husband this season, but with the recent death of her father the viscount, the role has fallen to her brother who makes it very hard for any suitors to approach her without him scaring them away. This is made known to the public through a writer named Lady Whistledown who is the regency period version of gossip girl. She reports in the news every week about all the drama and gossip surrounding the nobles in London.


One of the big aspects of Bridgerton under criticism are the costumes. Many of the costumes had a lot of issues regarding not being very accurate to the regency period normal attire. Most of the girls in the series can be seen wearing a loose fitted dress with a high waistline, and this cut of dress was very popular during this era; however, in the case of Daphne, throughout the show, she only wears one dress cut for every occasion. Her dress does not differ from day to night or even for events. When in reality she should have been wearing a more modest dress during the day and lower neckline in the evenings and a much more elegant gown once she became duchess. Another detail that can be pointed out is the wardrobe of the Featheringtons. In the novel they were described as new money and having tacky style, but in the show, they are seen to be wearing neon colors and having very intense patterns on their gowns which would have never happened to that intensity during this time period.


One of the aspects of the show that viewers loved to either make fun of or adore, was how throughout the show during balls, the music playing was classical renditions of pop songs such as “Thank You, Next” in the background. Although many have made memes about the classical pop in the series, the composer for Bridgerton Kris Bowes definitely did a good job at mixing classical and pop to give it the typical historical sound catching the viewers attention during the ball scenes.