Tiktok star charged with murder of wife and friend


Image courtesy of: papermag.com

Aubree Shaw, Staff Reporter

Ali Nassar Abulaban, better known as JinnKid on the video-sharing apps TikTok and YouTube, has 950,000 TikTok followers and 170,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is famous for his comedy series “Skyrim IRL” that pokes fun at the popular video game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The 29-year-old star has recently been charged with the murders of his wife and friend, according to police.

According to NBC San Diego, police found the bodies of Abulaban’s wife Ana, 29, and her lover, Rayburn Barron, 28. The bodies were found in a San Diego, California, apartment on October 21. Sources say Abulaban and his wife were in the process of divorce and that the wife was having an affair with Barron. According to Attorney Taran Brast, Ali had started, according to various sources, “stalking” Ana three days before committing the murders, going as far as vandalizing Barron’s luxury apartment and “also installed an app on his daughter’s iPad that allowed him to monitor activity in the apartment.” 

Brast also says that, on the day of the crime, when Abulaban “heard his wife with another man,” he visited Barron’s luxury apartment complex in San Diego’s East Village. Upon finding Barron with his wife, Abulaban, according to online entertainment newsletter Screen Rant, “shot Barron three times and his wife once”. After committing the double homicide, Abulaban went to get his five-year-old daughter from school before reportedly calling 911 to report the crime. Police believe that the child witnessed the double homicide as well as a case of domestic violence her father committed to her mother a month prior to the killings. Shortly after Abulaban arrived home, police arrested him, using footage from a neighbor’s surveillance camera to identify and convict him. Alulaban reportedly pleaded not guilty and, as Screen Rant says, “Abulaban is currently being held without bail awaiting a preliminary hearing on January 5.”