Girls Swim Team


Photo by Kai Li Howard

Shaina Kaprow, Staff Reporter

The Winter Springs High School Swim Team has been attending meets and competing against other local schools throughout the fall season. Coached by (found in room 6-221), they compete by having various athletes swim in different events such as a relay, 50 meters, or 100 meters. There are different types of strokes including breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. These events allow swimmers to show off their strengths and to demonstrate their improvement of skills.

Samantha Rose, a sophomore on the team, said “my breaststroke is down to 1:19 and I’ve gotten my 50 free down to a 28;” she further stated, “I’d like to get my 100 breaststroke time down to 1:17.” Rose continues to improve her times and has demonstrated her passion for this intense sport.

Competitive swimming, like most sports, takes immense amounts of dedication and practice to advance. Sofia el Mahjoubi claimed, “The swim team has made [her] develop a sense of determination.” The athletes on the team practice up to three times a week while also participating in meets on Wednesdays after school. A swim meet is where schools compete for time against each other in their various events. Nearing the end of the season, the team partakes in Conference, Districts, and Regionals. The time and effort that the students put into swimming is astonishing.

Furthermore, these girls are continuing to build relationships and bond together. Rose stated that her favorite part of the team was that, “It fosters an amazing community where you can meet friends and make memories that will follow through the rest of your life.” This is not only a team but a group of girls who have worked hard to achieve their goals and to find a way to become a community inside of their school.