Club Spotlight: Ping Pong Club

Courtesy of: RC Barcelona

Courtesy of: RC Barcelona

Scott Harris, Staff Reporter

As students may know, Winter Springs High School has many clubs and groups to choose from to become an involved student. What WSHS students may not know is that the school just recently formed its very own Ping pong club. Located in room 6-209. This newly formed club is run by sponsor Mrs. Lacey Gray after being suggested by a student of hers.

When involved in the ping pong club, students meet in Mrs. Gray’s classroom after school and eventually go over to the gym to play. The ping pong club is stated by Mrs. Gray as “a chance to learn how to play ping pong and relax after a long day of school while having friendly competition.” The way to get into this group is quite simple. All the student has to do is show up to the sponsor’s class after school on Tuesdays with the interest of joining. 

Mrs. Gray’s outlook on the future of the ping pong club is a collaborative effort when she states “After our club is more established, I’d like to reach out to other schools to see if they also have ping pong clubs. If they do, maybe we can set up a competition between the other schools.” This shows that with the help of students and other schools Winter Springs could attend competitions for table tennis in the near future. 

In the club’s first year, the main focus is to have students learn, have fun, and make new friends along the way. Marking the path to collaborative advances. So through the many activities involved in high school, ping pong may happen to be an unexpected but surely a truly interesting and fun club.