Jeremiah’s Italian Ice helps WSHS Athletic Department


Supporting the school is one of the biggest ways to improve the quality of student life. On the first Thursday of every month, the Athletic Department hosts a Spirit Night at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice (1000 Will Springs Drive, Winter Springs). The fundraiser allows sports to gain equipment, supplies, and help aid events such as Senior Night. As the first of the many nights of that the event was held, April 1 and had an estimated total of 40 students donate to the school. When mentioning Winter Springs High School, 20% of the proceeds goes back to the school.

Zoie Pesut, a newly attending sophomore, supported the school with fellow classmates. She described her time, “I had a very good experience. The ice cream was good. The service was quick and efficient, and the workers had a very positive attitude.” Pesut gave the school future ideas for fundraisers which include car washes and selling snacks such as chocolates and cookies throughout the school. She finished off with encouraging words to the school, wishing them the best of luck in reaching their fundraising goal. 

Behind the scenes, the Shift Lead/ Manager on duty of Jeremiah’s, Will, spoke on why they choose to help the local high schools. He said, “A big part of our core values here is reaching out to the community, trying to be genuine, generous, and bold in everything that we do. We really like to try and get in touch with the community as much as we can.”  

Jeremiah’s serves soft-serve ice cream, Italian ice, and gelatos (a mixture of both).The creamery currently follows COVID-19 guidelines, using stickers on the floor to keep customers six feet apart, social distancing. While they do have outside seating, it is advised to keep a safe gap between those who are not in your party.