Let him eat “pi”


Kai Li Howard, Copy Editor

With an estimated total of 150 teachers at WSHS, Mr. French has spent 32 years educating young students in Seminole County, 20 of which were teaching Algebra 2 at Winter Springs, and he’s still here. Earning the title “Teacher of the Year” twice, he has lived up to expectations. Since COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many, Mr. French described the year as challenging saying, “I try to treat my online students just like the students in class. I make sure to interact with them and try to include them in class discussions.” He further explains, “I try to make them feel like ‘they are in class’. There is no just sign in and then disappear.” 

Mr. French received the most donations for the Pie Contest hosted by the Junior class, where the winner gets a pie straight in the face. He found the experience to be surprising and added that the smell was unpleasant. When asked how he felt about getting the most amount of money, he responded with, “I’m not sure if it was a good or bad thing. I’m going to look at it as a good thing. At least students remember me.”