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Alyssa Cirino

Alyssa Cirino, Staff Reporter

Alyssa Cirino is an incoming freshman who joined the newspaper as a stepping stone to her future in broadcast journalism. At first, she may seem like a shy, quiet gal, but in reality she can be fun, loud, and outgoing. She strives to be the best at what she attempts, to include her enrollment of the Pre International Diploma Program. One thing she is passionate about is sports. Having a twin brother has had an impact on her activities. She enjoys playing football, soccer, and basketball. When it comes to what Cirino wants, she is a go getter and is highly  motivated to accomplish all of her goals. Outside of school, she has fun hanging with friends and family, as well as going to church. Alyssa’s religion and faith are very important to her. Cirino truly enjoys shopping for her many different styles she possesses. Lastly, hard times and struggles make her stronger as a person, and it works to her benefit. 

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Alyssa Cirino