The attack of the Mount Dora couple


courtesy of WFTV

Alyssa Cirino, Web Editor

As of December 31, 2022, a devastating tragedy reigned over an elderly, married couple of 58 years. Sharon Getman, 80, and Darryl Getman, 83, were both found deceased inside of their Mount Dora retirement community home. The couple lived in Mount Dora for over two decades enjoying the golden years of living in Waterman Village when they were killed. Darryl Getman served with the Army Corps of Engineers and later launched a career designing paper-making machinery that took him around the world then retired in 1995. Later the couple donated a simulator baby to help medics evaluate newborns and practice resuscitation techniques and were recognized by the local hospital.

The chief believes the deadly attack on the couple was out of the blue without reason. The ruling of the murder was a double homicide according to Gibson. The current suspect of interest is Vickie Lynn Williams, 50, who was seen driving the couple’s vehicle hours after the murder, with no relation to the couple themselves. She was found being escorted by security from the complex where they lived in the afternoon but then tried entering again in the night. Afterward, she went to a random apartment, knocked on the door, and asked a resident inside if she could take a shower. Gibson said the resident hit an alarm button, and the woman then grabbed a set of keys and fled. Early Sunday morning, the Getman’s vehicle was seen leaving the property. She somehow managed to get back into the community but lied about her previous altercation within the previous day. Williams is in custody awaiting the process of being extradited back to Florida. Her current charge is grand theft auto of the couple’s vehicle. No further information has been provided on what role she played in the murder but she is a top suspect. 

The children of the Getman couple have spoken upon their death. One of them said “We are stunned, devastated and heart-broken by the horrific murder of our parents.” (Fox 35) They have confidence that Chief Michael Gibson, the Mount Dora PD, Special Agent Lee Massie, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will handle the situation successfully.

No further information has been released about what actions are being taken now that the police have a suspect, but further investigations will continue until the murderer is found and the case can finally be settled in court.