Art show fascinates the public eye

Sara-James Ranta , Editor-In-Chief

Over the week of May 2nd, artists of Sculpture, Fibers and Textiles, and AP Photography gathered for an art show around the center of the campus. The art show featured many students and their work spanning over multiple days. Many art exhibits featured runway shows of fashion design, portfolio presentations, full scale figures, and even other Winter Springs students posing as models for other works. 

Students of Sculpture presented on Monday. Artists were told to create a sculpture based on a prominent social issue being talked about in the world. They used various objects and mediums to create their pieces. Tania Lorenzo, a senior in the program, chose the topic of immigration.  “It is a topic close to my heart…people don’t realize how dangerous it is to make the journey.” 

Students of AP Photography presented photos from various projects over the year, as well as photos from their final portfolio. All photos were hung on string across the front of the discipline department. Katie Pipa, a senior, explained “I mixed surrealism with portraits in my work.” Kaia Damon, a senior, clarified “My work is focused on portraits in the studio using double exposure, and different lighting.”

Students of Fibers and Textiles showcased their fashion pieces created over the course of the year, ranging from themed projects to individual inspirations. 

Tiffany Brown, a senior in the course, demonstrated “these are all the pieces I’ve created over this year…I have a bikini top inspired by vintage 50s and 60s swimwear….and then my last 3 pieces are part of my final project. We had to create pieces inspired by another famous fashion company, I was inspired by Dolce and Gabanna and modern streetwear.” 

Overall, this was a wonderful and exciting opportunity for our art students to showcase their work. The artists not only brought an awareness for the campus’ art community, but for a short time, brought all the art departments together as well.