Marina Ovsyannikova Speaks Out


Courtesy of EU Reporter

Lily Mendez, Web Editor

Marina Ovsyannikova is an editor and producer on one of Russia’s most popular news channels. On March 14, while the afternoon news was being broadcasted live, Ovsyannikova jumped into frame while holding an anti-war poster. She was able to stay on camera for a few seconds which was long enough to catch people’s attention. Ovsyannikova’s message about not believing the propaganda was already out there. Because of this brave move, Ovsyannikova could be faced with up to 15 years of prison or even lose her life. 

The event has sparked concern amongst other people. Independent journalist Frida Rustomova wrote in a post that she and her colleagues were, “very surprised by her act, because they have never heard her talk about politics.” Another colleague said that they only ever heard her talk “mostly about children, dogs, and the house.” 

Ovsyannikova was arrested soon after and her lawyers say she has gone missing and that they have not been able to get in touch with Ovsyannikova. Although her lawyer said that he could not find Ovsyannikova, a Russian independent humane rights group reported that she was being held at the Ostankino Police Department. 

Ovsyannikova had released a pre-recorded clip saying that she regrets working with this news channel and that it made her feel like she played a part in, “just silently watching this anti-humane regime… What is happening in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is the aggressor,” she said.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was one of those who spoke out and praised Ovsyannikova for her actions and called her brave. Putin’s  spokesperson said that this incident was not a question for the Kremlin saying, “Regarding this girl, this is hooliganism,” and that it would be dealt with by the channel and “those who are supposed to deal with it.”