High Stakes Track and Field Meet


Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Victoria Tirado, Business Manager

On March 26, the track team participated in the Raymond Gaines Silverhawk invitational meet. In this event the 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1600 m, 3200 m, and discus are the events the athletes competed in. Additionally, the stakes are high with this varsity meet because there was a chance to qualify for the states. Winter Springs was able to qualify for the states in 2020, but it was unsure if Winter Springs track athletes of 2022 would be able to qualify. However, once the clock hit 10 a.m, the track team  knew if they qualified for states, or if they would have to try again in another upcoming competition. Many athletes hoped to beat their time including U’nitee Brown, Dakota Santis, Herber Madison, Hotel Maya, Rodrigurez Jolin, Sims, Heaven, and Guilbeau Karis. In sum, the tournament was intense with athletes giving it their all. 

 Nevertheless, in an online interview, Coach Williams stated the following about preparation for this meet: “Winter Springs High School’s athletes have been diligent in their training to qualify for the states; this competition is seminal in ensuring that we make it to states.” She utters ,“We have many talented runners, and I am certain that many of them will qualify for states. One can deduce that Winter Springs High School’s track athletes have talent and will most likely place well in this meet. U’nitee Brown a varsity sprinter will be running the 100 meters at Lake Howell High school states, “Varsity sprinters practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with our break being on Friday; a general day of practice for sprinters is running a 400m, two 300 m, and three 200 m.” She clarified, “Many people think track is easy and can be self taught;however, one needs to be taught many things such as the correct position, what type of strides to use, and how to control breathing – it’s not as easy as it seems and many of the people on our team are on a diet.”  In short, the track team has been preparing for this competition; the track team prevailed in the meet.