Girls basketball team: coach’s scoop


Photo credits: Isabella Miguel

Giana Hay , Staff Reporter

The Winter Springs High School Girls Basketball Team has been dominating the 2021- 2022 season and, some may say, the rest of Seminole County. With a season record of 12-6 on Varsity, six games left until districts, and some of the best numbers out of all the county girls’ teams, it’s clear these girls aren’t just shooting hoops for fun. They’ve already surpassed their win total from the past two seasons. They started off the season strong and the girls achieved a five-game winning streak when in past years the team didn’t win five games in the entire season. The players strive to be the best they can be by putting in hours of tireless work and training all season with the teaching and guidance from Coach Jerry Saunders.

Coach Saunders has been playing basketball for the majority of his life. When asked what drew him to teaching basketball, he said that he “developed a love” for coaching when he realized he was able to make a plan of action and know his team would listen and be able to execute their duties. He values the fact that he’s able to improve his players’ lives on and off the court. Spending that much time together the team and coaches become a family. Just like in a real family, everyone in the team has a role they play so that they can all succeed. No matter how talented the player, no one can win a championship by themselves. It takes a team. Coach Saunders calls team unity huge. He said “No matter what, it always takes the five on the floor, the additional members in the locker room and practice court pushing you to get better.” Now  they aim to win their first district playoff game which will be a first for everyone on the current team. And with the skill and determination shown throughout the season so far they’ll surely give the opposing teams a run for their money.