Marília Mendonça Passes Away in Plane Crash


Courtesy of: CBC

Lily Mendez, Web Editor

On Friday November 5, Marília Mendonça passed away at the age of 26. She was one of the five people who died in a plane crash. Her uncle, her producer and the plane’s two pilots were as victims. They were on their way to her concert in the state of Minas Gerais. The state’s civil police confirmed the deaths on Instagram by saying, “With immense regret we confirm the death of the singer Marília Mendonça, her producer Henrique, her uncle and advisor Abicieli Silver Dias Filho, the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, whose names we will preserve at this time.”

 The cause of the crash is still under investigation . It is said that the airplane hit an electricity distribution line and then hit the ground. Originally the singer’s staff had said she was alive when this news started to spread. Many fans of Mendonça gathered to pay tribute. On November 6 they gathered outside the gymnasium that her wake was held in. Fans waited for hours in the heat and sun just to walk past her coffin and see her. Many cried and broke down in tears.

Mendonça has one child, Léo Dias Mendonça Huff. She was at the beginning of her relationship with boyfriend Matheuzinho. Matheuzinho has thanked everyone, “I’m at home, in São Paulo, and I’ve only just managed to speak. A lot to assimilate. I’d like to thank all the messages of affection and love I’ve been receiving. Really. I’d like to send a kiss from the bottom of my heart to Marília’s family, from Bahia, from Silveira . Wishing you a lot of strength and God bless you infinitely. Be well because that’s how Marília wants to see us here. Lots of light, lots of pairs and lots of love.”