Cyberpatriots Spotlight


Credit to Kathy Brosch

Shaina Kaprow, Staff Reporter

Cyberpatriots, as the name implies, is a computer based competition run by the AFA, or Air Force Association. It is intended to “inspire K- 12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other … STEM [(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) based] careers.” Daniel Kaprow, a member of cyberpatriots in 2020 found that he “really enjoyed cybersecurity” and he even wants to pursue it as a future career. 

There is no prior experience necessary, and according to Kathy Brosch “many of our students have won national competitions at the high school level and have gone on to compete and win at the national level in college as well.” Which goes to show the good opportunities this club offers to students which can be helpful especially in future endeavors. 

This club allows students to work with multiple systems including Windows, Linux, and Cisco. This allows students to find what they like while learning and having fun. They are open to gathering more people and are continuing to protect the future.