The new action movie venom


Courtesy of Forbes

Miranda Guthrie, Entertainment Editor

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is one of the most intensified movies of the year. It follows the previous Venom movie that came out in 2018, which was also a big hit. The movies are based on the Spider-Man comic books in which Venom is one of his biggest enemies. However, Spider-Man is not seen in the film. But it still has some edginess, based on comic books, horror-inflected, and fan favorites. 

The upcoming Venom movie has a different spin. It focuses more on the character Eddie Brock and Venom trying to work on their relationship.They never got along because Venom cared more about himself than wanting to protect the world. Previously, the first movie was more about Brock learning himself with his new abilities while trying to come up with the fact that he has a parasite living inside of him, but also having to go up against evil while having to go through all that. Because of Brock going through a tough time with his break up with Anne while also doubting his relationship with Venom this movie has even more depth on his character. Both the movies are very different from each other but they both had a lot of action and horror-inflected scenes. 

Many fans love the fact that the actor playing Eddie and Venom is Tom Hardy. Not only has Hardy been in these two amazing films, he’s also been in some other fan-favorite movies including The Dark Knight Rising, Warrior, Mad Max: Fury Road, etc. Fans think that Hardy was the perfect choice to play these two amazing characters Eddie and Venom. That being said, fans are looking forward to and hoping for a third movie. While fans hold on to that hope, they will be watching the new Venom movie with a fantastic cast to go with it.