Boston Red Sox eliminate Tampa Bay Rays in ALDS

Courtesy of The Oakland Press

Courtesy of The Oakland Press

Scott Harris, Staff Reporter

On October 12, 2021, the Boston Red Sox faced off in game four of the American League Division Series against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The game started with the mentality of do or die for the Tampa Bay Rays as the night prior they had fallen to the Red Sox by a walk-off home run from Sox catcher Christian Vazquez in the thirteenth inning putting the Rays in the face of elimination. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox was Eduardo Rodriguez. The Rays starting pitcher was former Astro Colin McHugh.

The scoreboard was empty up until a dominant third inning for the Red Sox. With two men on base third baseman, Rafael Devers knocks a home run out of the park giving Boston the early 3-0 lead on the Tampa Bay Rays. While Red Sox fans are still on their feet about Devers’ home run, the Sox find their way to get two more runs on the board making the game 5-0 in the very eventful third inning.

Scoring was quiet for both squads until the Tampa Bay Rays finally gave a reason for their fans to cheer as left fielder Austin Meadows RBI’s to run first baseman Jordan Luplow home to give the Rays one score on the board making the match 5-1 at the top of the fifth inning. As three flyouts left the Red sox scoreless for the fifth inning, this brought in the top of the sixth inning for the Rays to shine. With a double from outfielder Kevin Kiermaier soon sending him to third base from a sacrificial fly by Randy Arozarena, shortstop Wander Franco sends one to right field for a home run giving the Rays two points, making the game 3-5. After another silent inning for scoring held in the seventh, the Rays take the field in the eight with one mission, do or die. In the top of the eighth inning the Tampa Bay Rays scored two runs to come back in the game 5-5. The two runs were an RBI double from Kevin Kiermaier running catcher Mike Zunino to home plate, and a single from Randy Arozarena running in Kiermaier home.

The game was tied after the eighth inning, as Rays fans home in Florida were hoping for a scoring ninth inning to take the series back to Tropicana Field, the Rays offense did not get through Red Sox pitcher Garret Whitlock. As Fenway Park and the entire city of Boston rumbled  in applause and hope, the Boston Red Sox hit a sacrifice fly with a man in scoring position being Christian Vazquez. He ran home as fast as possible to win the Red Sox not only the match, but the entire series to send them another step closer to the highest stage in baseball, the World Series.