You coming back with season three

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Miranda Guthrie, Entertainment Editor

Netflix has come out with a date for You season three. The show’s new season will be coming out on October 15. You’s first season was not on Netflix when it was released. The show came out on Lifetime, but due to Lifetime not renewing the show, Netflix picked up the series. 

The showrunner Sera Gamble describes the show by saying on the “Watch With Us” podcast, “it’s a show about love and obsession and where the line is between the two of those – and the character of joe will always look outside himself for the thing that completes him.’’ (Joe Goldberg) Penn Badgley’s part is the one who has an obsession with (Love Quinn) Victoria Pedretti. The second season ended in a shock to most fans that Quinn turned out to be as obsessive and crazy as Goldberg.

The series was based on Caroline Kepnes’ books “You” and “Hidden Bones.” Season 3 is going to follow Kepnes’ direction with her third series “You Love Me,” published in April after the writers finish planning the story. 

But fans are most excited to see Badgley’s part about becoming a dad. This new season will show his character going through fatherhood. But the prequel is not just about becoming a father, he doesn’t want his son or daughter not to turn out as crazy as him. And hopefully, his character has changed now that he will be a new dad. But this season seems to still follow his patterns and his same ways. Additionally, it looks like Joe and Love will be nemeses in this upcoming season. 

Whatever happens in this next season, it’s not gonna be sun and rainbows. Which will express the darkness and tone that every season shows. Fans are excited and ready to watch when the season finally comes out.