Turmoil in Afghanistan continues


Courtesy of Geattyimages

Victoria Tirado, Staff Reporter

On August 14,  Joe Biden withdrew American forces from Afghanistan. The US lost the war against Afghanistan. Cable News Network ports. The leader of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, fled the country after he received the news that the Taliban was approaching the capitol. As of August 16, the Taliban has had full control of Afghanistan- Islamic law will govern this in accordance with Guardian News.)  With the American troops departure, Afghanistan’s fate is precarious.  The Taliban’s resurgence has sparked massive fears among the Afghans. In particular, women fear their rights will be trampled. However, the Taliban claims: “Women’s rights will be respected within the limits of Islam” (Guardian News). Despite the Taliban’s rhetoric, the Taliban has captured Salima Mazari, a female governor of Afghanistan, who recruited soldiers to fight the Taliban – her fate is still unknown.   Adding to the pandemonium, the Taliban shot protestors. Furthermore, outside of Kabul there have been reports that the Taliban prevented women from entering universities  and many citizens have reported that women cannot leave their home without a male escort according to “What is Sharia Law,” by the New York Times. Additionally, it has been reported that universities will be segregated between men and women. In short, any women that are still in Afghanistan should flee immediately due to the dire circumstances. 


Finally, the former deputy minister for women’s affairs in Afghanistan, Hosna JalilIn, has expressed that when the Taliban ruled before they took away women’s rights. She has stated: “What is currently happening in Afghanistan all citizens are in a dire situation and should evacuate.” Moreover, Jailln admonishes: “Shariah law for them meant lack of access to education, restricted access to health services, no access to justice, no shelter, no food security, no employment, literally nothing. What is Sharia Law,” New York Times, 19 August.