Bindi Irwin new born baby 

Olivia Song, Public Relations Manager

Bindi Irwin is an Australian conservationist and zookeeper. She is the oldest daughter of the late conservationist and television star Steve Irwin. Steven Irwin passed due to an unforeseen incident while filming one episode.  He had passed when Bindi was only eight years old, and her brother two years old.


She lives in the Australia Zoo with her husband Chandler Perez, her mom Terri Irwin, and brother Robert Irwin. During the novel Coronavirus, she and her now husband had a very small wedding with her family in the zoo on March 25, 2020. 


Before she met her husband, she went on to compete on the well known, renowned dancing competition show “Dancing With the Stars.” Her partner on the show was Derek Hough, six  time mirrorball champion and judge on World of Dance. She made it to the finals and won the mirrorball trophy to win her dance partner Derek Hough. 


In August 2020, she announced that her and Perez were expecting their first child together. She used her social media platform to announce it with a picture of holding up a tiny version of their Australia Zoo uniform. Later into the pregnancy they did another announcement of what the gender would be, and it was a girl. 


She posted many updates on her Instagram throughout the entirety of the pregnancy. Their one year wedding anniversary was also their baby girl’s birthday. The couple had welcomed their first child as Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. “Grace” comes from her great grandmother and Powells relatives dating back into the 1700’s. The baby girl’s middle name- Warrior Irwin- comes from her late dad and the legacy he had made.