Winter Springs triumphs over Freedom


Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manager

On March 29, Bears Lacrosse faced off against Freedom High School. Winter Springs opened up with a behind the back goal by Ethan Elders, making the score 1-0. Winter Springs’ EJ Martinez won each face off giving us possession and allowing us to take the lead each and every play. Freshman Charlie Cowser scored three times, a hat trick for our freshman. Winter Springs’ lacrosse program has come a long way this season, where they are cheering everyone on and whenever a teammate makes a big play they all say, “SHEESH.” Zach Harris had a wonderful moment this game scoring his first goal with this team, putting Winter Springs up 13-10. Quinn Fuse was a highlight of this game, keeping Freedom high school out of the net and keeping the team in the game. \

This season for the boys lacrosse team has brought highs and lows, but the team will prevail and finish the season with victories during playoffs in districts. 

The Winter Springs Boys’ lacrosse team this week has three games this week, and on April 8 Winter Springs faces off against Lake Howell. 

Senior AJ Spray describes the season so far, “Personally this season has been a huge accomplishment for me because I’ve been able to win so many more games than the last few years.” Many of the young players say that the coaching staff has helped become better players, but over all better people. Next lacrosse is taken to the playoffs, as of right now the game is undetermined, but with hardwork and a little discipline the  team will win and take the future of this program to new heights. Support the Winter Springs Bear lacrosse by coming out to their games this week.