Biden’s First Press Conference


David Bills, Sports Editor

After 65 long days without a press conference or any addressing of the union, 46th President Joe Biden has finally held a press conference in order to update the nation on what has been going on in the White House since his inauguration. With controversies like the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID fund, the hundreds of thousands of undocumented, unaccompanied, minors and adult illegal immigrants at the border, President Biden’s promise for severe gun control, not to mention the stimulus check fund, the current United States President has a lot of answers to provide the American people; especially after not addressing them for 65 days. (The longest amount of time in recorded history in which the President has not addressed the nation {})


Before taking any questions, Biden reported that 100 million COVID-19 vaccines had been administered by his 58th day in office. He also promises that by his 100th day in office, 200 million shots will have been administered. Adding to the $1.9 trillion already spent on COVID relief, on March 25, Biden announced at the press conference that another $10 billion will be spent on relief in high-risk communities. Biden also speaks on the stimulus check being sent out this month, $1,400 to every American whose annual income is less than $75,000. All of this money being spent with promises of no tax increases for everyone but the top 10% of earners leaves all Americans to wonder: Just where is all this money coming from?


When the questions started rolling in it seemed as if President Biden dodged just about every question. When asked by the Associated Press about other issues Biden promised to deliver on (climate change, gun control, voting rights, immigration reform) the President referred to his presidency as “a fairly basic, simple proposition,” and that since these issues are long term problems they do not require as much attention. Biden remarked, “The fundamental problem is getting people some peace of mind.” 


The main discussion during the press conference was the border controversy that is happening at the Mexican border at this time. During his candidacy President Biden gave some members of the public a sense of hope when it came to immigration reform, inviting those from other countries into ours for COVID relief. When asked by Cecilia Vega about the hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors, not to mention adults sleeping head to head at border control centers in Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas, Biden responded that the situation is completely unacceptable. The real issue comes from Vice President Harris audibly laughing when asked if she would visit the border to help solve the crisis. It seems as if members of The White House truly are taking no steps to solve the situation. When asked what he was going to do about the border crisis, Biden responded with a plan to relocate a couple thousand children and others without deporting anyone. The issue with this plan is that there are hundreds of thousands of undocumented children and adults, so what happens to the ones who don’t get relocated? 


To sum up the key points of the first press conference during Biden’s presidency, the media wants to know what Biden and his cabinet are doing besides providing COVID relief and how he will deliver on promises made during his candidacy. Only time will tell as it may be quite a while before he gives another press briefing.