Reflection on Spring Break 

Olivia Song, Public Relations Manager 

Reflection on Spring Break 

By Olivia Song 

Public Relations Manager 


Spring Break was a little different because of the CDC guidelines some may be following with mask-wearing and social distancing. Family and friends were still able to go out and have fun. With the third nine weeks ending before Spring Break, many students were stressed, and the break was healthy not to be thinking anything about school. Students were able to refresh and come back to finish the school year strong. 


Abby Pollack, a freshman, went to the Universal Studios hotel Cabana Bay Hotel with family and friends. Pollack also went to the beach and tried to get tan, but instead, she got sunburned. To her, it was awesome not having to worry anything about school since the nine weeks were finished before going on break. Her dream break, she says, is “going to the beach and eating.” Pollack plans on focusing on turning in her homework on time to finish the end of the school year. 


Diana English said her favorite part of break is taking the much-needed time from school, focusing on herself, and hanging out with her friends. English spent most of her break with friends and making those memories that will last forever. One of her favorite days over the break, she says, is when she went to the beach with her group of friends then went home to all take naps and rest before going to a bonfire her friend had thrown. She learned from the last quarter that she would take into her last quarter of the sophomore year “you can always achieve something if you try hard enough for it.” 


Aidan Reichert enjoyed his week-long break relaxing with his girlfriend and family in North Carolina. While in North Carolina, he went fishing which was his favorite part of break. Reichert enjoyed the time off from school and said it was “relieving” not to worry about what assignment is due next and when. If he could choose what to do on his break, he would wake up early in the morning and go to the beach by himself and hang out with friends at the beach. In quarter three, he cannot fall behind in his classes and needs to stay up to date to close out his last quarter before senior year. 


In all the Winter Springs High School students, Seminole connect or face to face enjoyed not being at school and relaxing with their friends or themselves at home watching Netflix catching up on their favorite shows. New memories with friends and family members were created, and students will hold them forever.