Future of the NFL hangs in the balance


Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manager

Future of the NFL hangs in the balance

 By Barron Roosa

Newspaper Manager


With the NFL starting back up in the fall, there are many up-and-coming college football players to join this season. One of the most anticipated players to draft first is Justin Fields. Fields was the quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes. When Ohio State triumphed over Clemson Tigers, Fields proved himself to earn the number one spot in the Draft

Najee Harris is a top collegiate running back from the University of Alabama. The Miami Dolphins are looking into a new running back. The Dolphins currently have the 6th and 18th pick in the 2021 draft.  Obviously news writers couldn’t write about the draft without mentioning Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence is the quarterback for Clemson. For the longest time, Lawrence was at the top of the draft, and many fans started to think of where he would end up at the start of the season. Finally, the NFL fans began to think that he would end up in Jacksonville. 

For the Wide receivers, DeVonta Smith is in the top ten wide receivers. Smith put up a total of 23 touchdowns this season. The New York Giants are one of the teams that are sneaking up to pick Smith as a new receiver. 

The 2021 season may be one of the best football seasons to come, many young players are coming into the league and taking out and bringing in the new. Although this season may be the most heartbreaking for lifelong fans of the NFL, many players who have played since the early 2000s. This season can decide the future of the NFL, this will be a real rollercoaster of players challenging the new young guns and starting a legacy. Many fans are upset with teams all over the country, the Patriots keeping their QB, but many teams could surprise everyone.