JJ Watt’s future in the NFL


Courtesy of JJ Watt on Instagram

Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manger

On Tuesday the second of March, JJ Watt publicly announced the future of his football career. He said he’s moving to the state of Arizona and signing a two-year contract with the Cardinals. JJ Watt’s transfer may come as a surprise to others, but it is a joyous occasion for those fans of the Arizona Cardinals. Watt will be reunited with Deondre Hopkins for the first time since Deondre left to play for the Cardinals. JJ Watt’s transfer shocked Texans fans who believed he would go to a team such as the Packers or even the Steelers to play with his teammates before his retirement, but he has stayed with the Texans for ten years. The owners of the Cardinals have decided to allow Watt his old number. Even though the number 99 was retired a few years ago, it is allowed to be brought out of the woodwork. 

Many NFL fans can expect the next time football is back to be a little bit better. With this offseason, new safety measures are being set in place for fans to go back to the stadiums. Plus, with the offseason comes the draft, so many uprising stars are playing in the big leagues and bringing brighter futures for the teams who suffered during the 2020 season. If the Arizona Cardinals play their cards right and receive a new star, their team can be stacked for the next season. With JJ Watt leaving, it brings pain for those who want to see Deshaun Watson earn his super bowl ring. Watson carried his team through the highs and lows of this season. Now that he has lost a teammate that had a massive impact on the Texans, what will the future hold for him? Fans around the country are excited for the upcoming season.