Disney’s blizzard Beach reopening


Photo courtesy of AllEars.net

Miranda Guthrie, Entertainment editor

Disney is one of the biggest theme parks in the world. But sadly because of COVID hitting last March of 2020 Disney had to close all their parks, hotels, stores, and many more places in the world of Disney. But over time Disney did reopen with safety rules but not everything reopened like Disney’s water park blizzard beach,

Blizzard beach will reopen on March 7. Like the other areas of Walt Disney world, they will welcome back guests and cast members to the Disney blizzard beach water park in a responsible way, with a plan focused on health and well being.

Many people are excited for this park to reopen because it has been closed since almost last year, so it’s mostly like a different feel to the park because it’s been awhile since people have been there. Disney has another water park other than blizzard beach there is another one called Typhoon Lagoon, but sadly there has been no word on typhoon lagoon reopening as of right now. 

There has been no word on how Disney’s blizzard beach is going to have people wear masks at the water park or other safety rules, but there are safety rules for blizzard beach. There is mostly going to be a waterproof mask to wear when visitors are there. So that people feel safe and comfortable when visiting Disney world.

Although there are many questions on how all the stuff is going to happen at the water park. It’s gonna be a very Exciting day for the reopening of the park and Disney workers are excited to be welcoming the people back into the water park. Where all the magic and happiness at Disney is for people of all ages mostly for the children.