Learn more about the Jesus Club


Courtesy of jesuschristsavior.net

Michelle Tran, Staff Reporter

Jesus Club was founded in 2017 by a former Winter Springs High School student Ashley Odendahl. She created Jesus Club to worship God not only on Sundays but throughout the entire week. Staff member Breana Krausman helps host this club every Wednesday morning. This club means a lot to Krausman, she expresses “I love being able to start my morning on a positive note and being able to talk to Jesus not only on Sundays but just to have a little more time with him makes me feel like I have a restart in the middle of the week.” The team that helps makes up the club are Karley Knipe, Isabelle Kaltenbaugh, Anna Doss, and Isaiah Jones. They all help each other to create a peaceful morning and helps reach out to speakers to come through the week. This club normally has a different sponsor that come in and helps guide each other through the week, sing and talk about relationships, but as we all know this past year has made it difficult to do anything. Jesus Club still meets every Wednesday morning socially distant from each other but there is know representative to speak to them. They now talk to each other about how there weeks are going and pry over each other. There ae no requirement to join Jesus club. In fact many people go just because they want to learn about other regions or they just need someone to listen to them. Either way Jesus Club is open it anyone and loves everyone that comes in.