Senior Athletes Excel

Photo courtesy of: Orlando Sentinel

Photo courtesy of: Orlando Sentinel

Sofia Guerra, Photography Editor

With senior year coming to an end, there’s also the last chances some seniors have to play their sports. Making the memories from their freshman year to four years later and coming to an end in their high school careers, creating the memories of going to districts, sustaining injuries in their sport, and creating a family with their teammates are all events that create a lifetime of memories.

Senior Marvin Collins who participated in football, wrestling, track and field, and weightlifting through all his four years said that “having fun with my teammates and coaches and making memories” is the one thing he’s going to miss the most, but he looks forward to playing sports in college. Collins also said that the most exciting part of his journey throughout the years with his sports was making to states several times and creating those memories that will stay with forever. 

Now being an athlete during your high school years will teach you some life skills and build up character in the student. Senior Allen Alexander said that one of the valuable things he learned was “How to be a leader and responsible on and off the field and being better in my house helping a lot more” not only helping him in his sports but also helping him on a life basis.  Alexander also said that hopefully he will play college baseball and that the thing he’s going to miss the most are “the jokes and memories with my teammates and our coach’s making jokes” which will be a hard goodbye that the senior athletes will have to face now ending the school year.