Voter Fraud in the Presidential Election


Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manager

The Presidential election of 2020 both candidates are fighting over many key states. For either President candidates to have an advantage over each other, they have to win these states. When Biden began to win states like Winsonsin, Trump claimed that the democrats cheated the election by stating his disapproval on Twitter. “Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening before election day!” he tweeted. 

There has been evidence of poll workers dumping votes in garbage containers and even shredding the votes for the opposition. They have been fact checked and denied by Government officials. Trump has been asking for many states to recount their votes to ensure his presidency is safe for another term.

 Joe Biden was recently confirmed to be the incoming 2021-2024 President of the United States with Kamala Harris named to be his Vice President. Trump has tried to have his lawsuits pass to the Supreme Court but the highest court has decided to not to review the allegations. 

Usually, the President elect goes to the White House to meet the sitting President, but President Trump has not invited Joe Biden into the White House yet. This may be due to Donald Trump’s allegation of voter fraud. 

Some Americans hope that with a new President and new policies, America will have a brighter outlook on the fate of the country. As of January 21 Joe Biden is the new President of the United States.