The Possible Cancellation of the “2020” Olympics


Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter

With the CoronaVirus still buzzing around, the 2020 Olympics has been debated on whether or not it will take place. The expected date the event takes place occurs on Friday, July 23rd ending on Sunday, August 8th and is scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the Olympics in the year 2020 being postponed by reason of the virus, the 2020 Olympics will transpire in the year 2021. However, countries participating are weary about the virus being spread even further with this event. 

 The long wait for the Olympics has the contestants on their toes with extra practice and anticipation. While there are rumors of cancellation, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) claims that the games are continuing to take place summer of 2021. With the COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly in Japan, countries are hesitant in opening their borders and allowing their competitors to take part in the event. Precautions will inevitably be enforced such as necessitating face masks, limiting the amount of face-to-face viewers, temperature checks, etc. Viewers cross their fingers in hopes of seeing the various sports perform this year. 

Sophomore Aiden Gaton expressed his concern, “I remember in 2013 watching clips of Usain Bolt running in the Olympics.” He proceeded to explain, “it’s sad people won’t be able to come together and watch pro athletes.” Gaton enjoyed watching the pole vaulters fling themselves over a pole, for he finds amusement in the sport and deems it his favorite when watching the Olympics. 

After realizing the 2020 Olympics was being debated on whether or not the event will have its second cancellation, he realized the pandemic was still much worse than what he originally thought. When asked what he liked most about the competitions he explained, “I like the fact that [the Olympics] is all the world’s best athletes coming together to compete for national pride,” he stated, “It creates a short unity between athletes and encourages people to travel and strive to be better than their countrying neighbors.” He eagerly awaits for the games as Gaton himself plays football and recognizes the hard work and dedication required for competing.