Tri-M Club 

Michelle Tran, Staff Reporter


Tri-M is a music honors society that anyone in a music related high school class can join. There are requirements to remain in the club such as maintaining an A in music class and community service. Jacob Rosen, the president of Tri-M, said, “Due to Covid-19,this club has altered requirements to where people can submit videos of themselves playing their instruments or singing, and attend virtual concerts.” Normally this club does more in person activities such as helping with middle school concerts. The officers of Tri-M are Emilia Masternak (vice president) and Kathryn Rotolo (secretary). Both president and vice president come up with hour opportunities and host meetings, and both are the communicators for the club. The secretary is responsible for keeping track of attendance and every member’s hours. Tri-M helps with the community such as recruiting new members to our music family and helps local businesses in a music related way. Tri-M is all about bringing people that love music together.