Helping the community during hard times


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Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter

The Charity Club is a new club at WSHS aiming to help the community during hard times. This club aims to collect money and find creative ways to help donate money or goods to different organizations and charities in Florida.

 The club officers of the 2020-2021 school year are Lakshmi Katravulapalli as president, Ankit Ambatipudi as vice president, Ishaan Chhabra as secretary, and Abhinav Malhotra as treasurer. Ashlyn Shepard as secretary. The club’s sponsor is WSHS teacher Joseph Cummiskey.

One of the main ideas that they have discussed so far is how to fundraise money during times where collecting money in person or selling merchandise presents a challenge. One of the ideas that the team has come up with is doing a virtual fundraiser by collecting money online. They looked into different charities that were doing online virtual food drives, and of the options, the club came up with Second Harvest Food Bank. They decided to create a virtual food drive team on the Second Harvest Food Bank website to make it easy and reliable for people to help make donations to the cause. They also have many other fundraising ideas that the team is looking forward to achieving in the future.

Accomplishing the goals of this club is a big challenge due to COVID-19. Due to the pandemic situation, the club will be doing only virtual meetings. This is one of the biggest challenges ever because it is harder to convey ideas and share thoughts about the club through a virtual platform. Also, it is difficult to coordinate donations and come up with ways to collect money or goods to help organizations during a pandemic. “Seeing all the people around me suffering from COVID and losing jobs really inspired me to reach out and help those who need support in a time of suffering.” said Katravulapalli, the club’s president.

 If you would like to know more about the club please contact [email protected]  If you’d like to join the club please fill out the google form below and contact [email protected]. Thank you!

Google form:

 Also, if you would like to help donate to Second Harvest Food Bank through the club, here are the two easy steps you have to follow:

  1. Please click this link which leads to the team page on the Second Harvest Food Bank website:
  2. Then click on donate now, and fill out your information and donate however much money you would like to give to Second Harvest Food Bank through the team page. Thank you!

If you are looking for the team page on the Second Harvest Food Bank website out team name is called “The Charity”