A New Year with the Hunny Bears


Photo courtesy of: Breana Krausman

Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter


        With a new school year comes new students. The dance team has recruited several freshmen to join the club. Brianna Gelvez is one of the freshmen that is participating in the dance team. She joined the team because she thought it would be a great experience and something she will enjoy throughout the year. Her main sport is gymnastics, but several years ago, she revived her passion for dancing and continued. Her goals include evolving as a dancer with her new team and she “[hopes] for growth not only as a dancer, but as a person and make new friendships and bond with [her] team.” 

        Along with newcomers, there are also students who are returning members of the Hunny Bears. Omotola Alalade, a sophomore, has been dancing for six years and is back for her second year on the team. Alalade stated that dancing accomplishes a sense of freedom. She continued, “I feel like I’m able to truly be myself.” She plans on becoming more flexible and to build stamina to better improve her dancing. In addition to Alalade coming back, another dancer has made an appearance once again on the Hunny Bears for her last year on the team.

Senior Kieran Zaman finishes off her last season on the dance team with 10 years of dancing. Throughout her years, Zaman appreciates seeing the rest of the team push themselves and improve. She stated, “I love helping people and seeing all the hard work pay off makes me so happy.” Although it is not the senior year she imagined, Zaman is not going to take anything for granted. She explained, “Due to circumstances, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to have [a] National Competition, but if we do, I would love to make it into finals…we work so hard each year and it’s definitely  something I hope we can accomplish!”         

        The Hunny Bears is coached by both Rebekah Krausman and Breana Krausman. Whenever they are not available the dance officers step in to lend a helping hand. Abby Kirry is one of three officers and a junior. She explained the role by saying, “Our job is to be able to step in  when a coach is not present and to amplify our coaches position to keep our dancers on track, motivated and at their best quality of work.” She finds it rewarding to see the improvements of the dancers, and it makes her proud to see the growth of her fellow teammates. The team works on several dance styles, one of which is hip hop (a favorite among Brianna Galvez and Omotola Alalade). Kirry claimed that hip hop creates an environment that an audience enjoys, especially at school. She voiced how COVID-19 has affected the Hunny Bears by restricting communication, nonetheless she and the team try their best to get through the technological disadvantages together.