Helping during a crisis


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Riley Hazel, Editor-in-Chief

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With COVID-19 rapidly spreading, millions of people are stuck at home feeling hopeless. But in fact, there are many things that those affected are in desperate need of so there are opportunities for all of us who want to give hope. Here is a list of things that you can do to help out.

Limit the spread

Most importantly, keep yourself safe. Stay six feet apart from people at all times and wash your hands thoroughly. Limit your trips outside of the house and make sure to follow the latest CDC guidelines. 

Check on neighbors, especially those who are elderly and prone to getting sick

Reach out through text or social media to see if they need anything. The elderly are the most susceptible to catching the virus and are often in need of vital medication and other household items that you can pick up from your local drugstore or grocery store.

Donate blood

The virus has shut down the majority of blood drives in an attempt to stop the spread. However, this has created a massive blood shortage. According to the Red Cross, as of March 17, approximately 2,700 Red Cross blood drives have been canceled. Since they take place in public areas like school campuses and movie theaters, collection sites have been limited. More than 80 percent of the blood that the Red Cross collects comes from volunteers, so it is crucial that if you are safe to do so, donate blood at your local blood drive. You can find locations here.

Support local businesses

Local businesses have been hit hard as many of them have either had to close their doors or serve pickup/delivery orders. This has cut their sales dramatically. Consider eating takeout or purchasing a gift card to help out your favorite restaurant.

Donate to nonprofit organizations

Winter Springs is in desperate need of donations to their food pantries, pet shelters, etc. Financial donations, as well as donations of physical items, are accepted. At this time, Goodwill and Heart and Home are not accepting items right now. Click here for a list of areas that are in need of donations.