Junior puts faith first

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

This story was originally published in the third issue of The Bear Truth (December 16, 2019).

The Bear Truth is committed to highlighting the individuals who make up our student body. We invite you to read about a few of the great people who make up the Bear Nation.

Karly Knipe is a strong believer of Jesus Christ and a junior here at WSHS. She placed her faith in Christ at a time in her life when she felt completely empty and alone. “I experienced Him so tangibly during worship at an event and relearned what it meant to be truly loved and known by my Savior- God, the Creator of the Universe. After that, I decided I was going to be all in for Jesus.” Knipe finds it crazy in the best way that God sent His son to die for her without hesitation. Knipe voices, “In faith, there is no ‘finish line’ or ‘end goal.’ It’s just waking up each morning knowing God is good. He’s not a mean, merciless deity.” Knipe shows her love for her faith through a club called Collision. Members meet every Wednesday morning at 6:45 in room 6-104 to hear a practical message about Jesus. There is also free breakfast. Knipe met some of her closest friends there. She said, “It’s awesome to attend and know I’m not alone. It’s about time we as a student body rise up and start believing in something greater than ourselves. I hope that whoever is reading this knows that Jesus loves you unconditionally, and He is always with us.”