This sophomore is a real hole in one


Photo courtesy of Landon Turner

Sara-James Ranta, Layout/Design Manager

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

The Bear Truth is committed to highlighting the individuals who make up our student body. We invite you to read about a few of the great people who make up the Bear Nation.

Landon Turner, a sophomore, has been involved in golf for over five years. Although it was his dad who originally got him into playing the sport, he says people should join and more people should play the sport because, “It’s not really a sport anyone cares about. It’s honestly fun, and I think people should try it out to see what it’s actually like.” Off the course, however, Landon enjoys his world history class because, “It’s interesting to learn about the past.” Finally, as a student at WSHS, he enjoys the community and how everyone is so kind.