Former ESOL junior shares advice

Sofia Guerra, Staff Translator

This story was originally published in the first issue of The Bear Truth (October 11, 2019).

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Former ESOL student Ariannis Rio Rojas is currently in her junior year. Ariannis  had been an ESOL student for two years since she moved to the United States from Puerto Rico. By passing the FSA, ACT, and WIDA exams, Ariannis excited ESOL. The writing part of the exams were more difficult for her. She decided to take standard English lll so it would be easier to adjust her understanding of English. Even though she enjoyed being an ESOL student because of the facilities she had in there, Ariannis  is excited for this year’s class. One advice she gives to ESOL students is, “Make an effort to get out so [you] can progress academically.” She added, “that even though not having the accommodations of ESOL can be a challenge, [it] is better for your academic performance.”