Troupe 5777 Sells Acting Grams for Valentine’s Day

@MrsDevine_Teach, Twitter

Olivia Temple, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is coming up and WSHS students have a chance to order an Acting Gram before that day arrives. An Acting Gram is someone paying for a short skit performed by thespians. The student buying chooses a theme they want to be performed for the person they want to give the Acting Gram to. During both lunches on Friday and Monday, thespians will be standing outside of the auditorium taking orders for Acting Grams. The performances will take place on Tuesday because all periods are held that day and it’s the closest to Valentine’s Day. There are a total of six themes students can choose from and the thespians will be fully dressed in character. The options for sale are:

Nerd Love:

Someone is getting caught up in the middle of some serious nerdy tea! A stereotypical nerd, complete with suspenders and shorts pulled up high, will visit the person of your choice and declare his or her love to your friend. But be careful… because another nerd may have suffered a broken heart, and break up this new romance.

Rock of Love:

Rock stars in full 70’s & 80’s get-up will “serenade” a person of your choice with some awesome lip sync skills. Song selections are: Love is a Battle Field (Pat Benatar), Shot through the Heart (Bon Jovi), You’re Never Gonna Get It (En Vogue), and And I will Always Love You (Whitney Houston).

Hear Ye, Love Ye:

In full Shakespearean attire, the person of your choice shall receive a full-on declaration of love from either Romeo or Juliet! How sweeteth! Just watch out for that poison, because one star-crossed lover may feel jitted!

History of Love:

Help re-write the history of love! You can send a scholarly historian to the person of your choice, and that historian shall recount to the class how your chosen individual is the true beginning of love. Each “historical” retelling will be individualized to the recipient. Hamilton, step aside.

Ode to Love:

Have one of our poets, clad all in black and accompanied by a bongo drum player, recite poems to the person of your choice. Our love poems however, have a different type of end. Enjoy reinventing classics such a: “Roses are red, violets are blue, and it’s Valentine’s Day…so give me some candy,” “My love is like a red rose…so why do you love me? Because that would be being in love with a flower. And that’s kind of weird…”

Love Beat:

One of our rappers will travel to the person of your choice to throw down some beats and drop knowledge about love. You won’t want to miss this sweet sensation make your friend feel like the top of the nation.


Each Acting Gram is two dollars. Make sure to know what class room number and teacher your friend will be in to be able to receive their Acting-gram.