Freshman Spotlight


Courtesy of Ayanna Crag-Chaderton

Aislinn Jones, Staff Reporter

Ayanna Crag-Chaderton is a ninth grader who has a passion for boxing and psychology. Her favorite subject in school is history because she likes learning about the past. Crag-Chaderton said they like to see how different people used to do things. Out of all her classes though, Freshman Seminar, a research class, is her favorite. Along with that, she boxes at Elite Boxing in Oviedo, Florida. She said, “[I’ve loved] fighting ever since I was a kid. I also like the self defense aspect of it.” In a later discussion, Crag-Chaderton stated that their hobbies include, “watching anime, fashion, and as corny as it sounds I like learning. Especially about religion, philosophy, and psychology.” In the future, they want to become a psychiatrist, so she can help others with their psychological problems and be there for others in need of someone to talk to.