Kansas Jayhawks defeat Texas Longhorns for first time in school history


Courtesy of DraftKings

Scott Harris, Staff Reporter

On November 13 the University of Texas Longhorns faced off against the University of Kansas Jayhawks at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas for a college football match. Texas took the field with a 4-5 record and Kansas took the field with an unfortunate 1-8 record on the season.

To start the first quarter strong for the Jayhawks, quarterback Jalon Daniels ran his RB  Devin Neal to complete the first touchdown of the game, which made it 7-0. The Jayhawks scored one more touchdown to conclude scoring in the first quarter which caused the score to be 14-0, Jayhawks.

The second quarter included much more activity on the scoreboard. The Texas Longhorns finally showed up with a touchdown by Marcus Washington and a touchdown from Xavier Worthy made the game 14-14. The Jayhawks gained the ball back in their possession and with another touchdown on the board by quarterback Jalon Daniels, and the score at that time was 21-14. With a turnover by the Longhorns, the Jayhawks gained possession yet again for Devin Neal to score from a pass by Jalon Daniels. The Jayhawks gained possession, but the first pass from QB Casey Thompson was intercepted by Jayhawks Cornerback Jacobee Bryant for him to run in an interception return to then make the game a whopping 35-14 at the end of the first half.

Coming out of halftime, Texas seemed to find a way to get back on the scoreboard with a rushing touchdown by their quarterback Casey Thompson. The Jayhawks received the ball soon after and answered back with a ten-yard run from Devin Neal which made it his second rushing touchdown of the game. After that, the Longhorns finished off the third quarter with two touchdowns, one by Bijan Robinson and Xavier Worthy’s second touchdown this game.

In the fourth, the Jayhawks layed low after Marcus Washington’s touchdown that made the game 49-35 in favor of the Hawks. Later on in the quarter, the Texas Longhorns came closer to tying the game with another touchdown by Xavier worthy which made the score 49-42. After an unfortunate run for the Jayhawks, the Longhorns gained possession and tight-end Cade Brewer scored a major touchdown for Kansas, which allowed kicker Cameron Dicker to tie the game with twenty-two seconds left in the match and send the game to overtime. Dicker completed the kick and ultimately sent the match to overtime. 

Overtime came and home fans in Texas were eager for their team to carry the common “W” against Kansas when the Longhorns opened overtime with a touchdown. After the ball continually went back and forth, the Kansas Jayhawks had a major run by QB Devin Neal once again, which made the score 56-55. The Longhorns decided to “do or die” in this situation and they went for a two-point conversion. Quarterback Jalen Daniels threw the football to tight end Jared Casey and won the game for the Jayhawks against the Longhorns for the first time in their school’s history.