New Innovation from Tesla could change people’s lives


Courtesy of: Georgia News

Victoria T, Staff Reporter

On August 19, Elon announced his new plans for the “Tesla Bot.” In the interview on August 19, hosted by CNET highlights, he explained that his new innovation will eradicate dangerous, repetitive, and mundane tasks. For instance, according to Funzlab the Tesla Bot will be able to go to the kitchen and make breakfast. The bot will be able to perform tasks by using multi-camera video neural networks. CNN reports, in the past Elon Musk has warned that an AI apocalypse is possible; however, he is now building a humanoid like robot. This has raised some concerns, but Elon Musk has stated that humans will be able to defend themselves against the Tesla Bot if a malfunction in the bot were to happen. Even though there have been some concerns about the new bot, if everything goes as planned then the Tesla bot will do chores for people that can not do the chores themselves, and aid cars in being built. Not only will Tesla’s new invention support the elderly, but can also be an assistant that does repetitive chores and can complete basic duties for them. 

One would expect that the innovation would be released in a decade due to it’s advanced technology, but in accordance with Industry Leaders Magazine the Tesla bot will be released next year. Nevertheless, the Tesla Bot acting as a servant, and doing everyday tasks such as collecting groceries will most likely take a few years. To speed up the production of the Tesla Bot, there may be possible job openings in the future to build the robot. Elon Musk has hinted in his interview hosted by CNET that the production will take place in Texas. The Tesla Bot is planned to be 5 foot 8, weigh 125 pounds, be able to carry 150 pounds, and have an arm extended lift of 10 pounds. “The Tesla Bot will also be equipped with a full self-driving computer and cameras, 30 electromagnetic actuators and a display in its face,” stated Big World Tale. In sum, the Tesla Bot is an upcoming invention that not only will aid citizens in their daily lives, but also lead us into a new era of technology.