Winter Springs Brings in 12 New Staff Members


Courtesy of Winter Springs High School

Shaina Kaprow, Staff Reporter

Winter Springs High School is welcoming 12 new staff members, among them are Brittney Brown, Rashelle Oberle, Patricia Durand, and Jami Lash.

To begin with, Brittney Brown was already working for a year in the front office. She is the new drama teacher and she loves the “community that the teachers and students have formed” and sense of family that can be found in Winter Springs. Ms. Brown wants her students to be able to find “a group of people who they know support them” in the school or their clubs. She wants to help improve the technical side of theater because “we already have the performers” and now all that needs to be done is to keep making it even better.

Additionally, Rashelle Oberle has been teaching for nine years and is now the debate, yearbook, and tenth-grade English teacher. She hopes to have “a collaborative year” that contains “discussion” as well as “interaction.” This will be achieved through group projects, games, and encouraging teamwork. She has been trying to develop team spirit and the teambuilding skills that Ms. Oberle’s students will be using later in life. 

Another person joining the bear family is Patricia Durand who is a new guidance counselor for all non-ESE students with last names starting in A to Fo. She wants to show students that they have “support especially after the crazy year we had last year.” She is excited to start the year and really loves the school in both its beauty and the people found in it.

Furthermore, Jami Lash is also a new guidance counselor for IB, Pre-IB, and students with the last names starting with MO through RE. She is entering her fourth year of counseling which she previously did in a high school in Gainesville. She loves the school spirit especially from the drum circles on Friday mornings. She is also a huge fan of sports and “can’t wait to see the games” that can be found on campus as well as the various clubs. 

These are only a few of the interesting people that have become a part of the bear community and that will continue to influence the school and all the people in it. As the year continues on hopefully the students and staff can continue to get to know more of these astounding people.